Upgrade and Extension Services

  • Protection System Upgrade & Rehabilitation

    We offer protection system upgrade services that cover installation, panel modification, testing and commissioning of the new protection relays, FO cables & FO patch panels. 

  • SCMS Systems Upgrade & Replacement

    Substation control and monitoring system are essential for monitoring and controlling a substation remotely. PESCO International offers all upgrades and replacement works for SCMS systems. Our restive team of engineers and technicians enabled us to become the best SCMS system upgrade service provider in UAE, Egypt.

  • DC System Replacement

    We provide replacement and upgrade services for the DC systems in substations. Being a DC system upgrade services company, we provide our meticulous service with minimum shutdown time.

  • Substation upgrade from Single bus to Double bus

    PESCO International focuses on the up-gradation of substations from single bus to double bus. This approach reduces the need for substation shutdown when maintenance services are taking place.

  • Up-gradation of Air breakers/contactors to vacuum

    VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breakers) has a high value of short circuit breaking capacity when compared to ACB (Air Circuit Breakers) since air gets ionized easily. PESCO International has immense experience in air breaker up-gradation to vacuum circuit breakers.

  • Retrofit of LV circuit breakers

    The need to replace or upgrade circuit breakers is essential as aging and maintenance affect their efficiency and reliability. Our team of engineers and technicians is experienced in LV circuit breaker up-gradation and retrofitting.

Upgrade and Extension Services
Upgrade and Extension Services