Turnkey Projects

  • Electromechanical SOW for:
    • Oil & Gas

      Being a pioneer oil & gas contractor in UAE, Egypt, and the middle east region, we provide meticulous electrical and mechanical solutions to all oil & gas projects based on area nature and client’s requirements.

    • Power Plants

      The world is going through a power revolution. Numerous power plants are being built across the world. PESCO is one of the most celebrated power plant contractors in UAE, Egypt, and the middle east region. We are experienced in power plant projects starting from design and procurement to logistics, installation, testing, and commissioning.

    • GIS and AIS Substations

      PESCO experts are capable of designing and installing electromechanical solutions to (Air Insulated Switchgear) AIS and (Gas Insulated Switchgear) GIS substations. PESCO tops among all the GIS installation companies and AIS installation companies all over UAE and Egypt.

    • Mobile & Package Substation

      PESCO International has a predilection for providing solutions for Mobile & Package substations that are more reliable and maintenance-free.

  • E&I and electromechanical systems turnkey solutions

    PESCO International is bound to provide world-class turnkey solutions to E&I and electromechanical systems. Based on the client’s requirements we galvanize our best in-house talents to devise the best solutions. PESCO is striving to be one of the best electromechanical contractors in UAE, Egypt, and the middle east region.

  • STG's GTG's, Compressors, Condensers, Pumps, Motors, and Fans

    From large steam turbine generators (STG’s) to small motors and fans, Our experts provide incisive solutions regarding the installation of these mammoth machines in the best way to reduce carbon footprint and to increase energy output. PESCO’s compressor installation services are well known and we are among the top listed condenser installation companies in UAE and Egypt.

  • Piping and Steel Structure

    PESCO has an in-house facility in Egypt dedicated to stainless steel fabrication works and piping fabrication works. All the prefab structures for our power plant projects are fabricated by the PESCO Sadat factory itself.

  • Engineering Packages

    PESCO International is an expert in creating engineering packages that include scope, key assumptions, isometric drawings, BOP, vendor data, impact plan, etc. . PESCO's restive engineering design team made the company one of the best engineering design companies in UAE, Egypt, and the middle east region.

  • Refurbishment and Upgrades

    PESCO International has expert manpower and state-of-the-art equipment for refurbishment and upgrades of large steam/gas turbine power plants, oil and gas platforms, substations.

  • Power Houses' EC Projects

    PESCO has glut experience in constructing power plants in challenging environments. We focus on all the activities from FEED to commissioning and handover.

Turnkey Projects