Maintenance Services & Troubleshooting

  • Annual round-the-clock maintenance programs for Electrical and Instrumentation Systems in Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Substations, and Critical Facilities

    Maintenance services are essential in any engineering projects to prevent shutdowns and the following mishaps. Being a pioneer oil & gas company in UAE and in Egypt, we provide best in class annual round-the-clock maintenance programs. Our maintenance services enable different systems to work with better efficiency and prevent financial losses due to shutdowns.

  • Turbines and Generators Overhauling and Major Maintenance Contracts

    PESCO International provides overhauling and maintenance services for turbines and generators. With successful overhauling of unit 4 steam turbine and generator for (2 x 360 MW) Sidi Krir Generating Company in Egypt, we galvanized ourselves to be one of the top generator maintenance companies in UAE and in Egypt.

  • All Mechanical work's services

    PESCO International provides all mechanical services including maintenance, reconditioning, and start-up of critical mechanical machinery. Our team of mechanical engineers and technicians is geared up to tackle any challenging engineering tasks.

  • Transformers, MCC’s, Switchgears, RMU’s, and Motors

    PESCO International provides maintenance and troubleshooting services to all types of transformers, motor control centers, switchgear, ring main units, and motors.

  • Package Substations

    We have a wide range of experience working with LV (Low Voltage) and MV (Medium Voltage) distribution systems, and package substations. We provide maintenance and troubleshooting services for package substations.

  • Protection Relays

    PESCO International is one of the few protection relay maintenance companies in the UAE and in Egypt, providing all the calibration and maintenance services to electromechanical-based protection relays.

  • Thermo-graphic Survey

    PESCO International has expertise in conducting Thermo-Graphic surveys for troubleshooting issues in live protection panels.

Maintenance Services & Troubleshooting
Maintenance Services & Troubleshooting