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PESCO International is an EPC company that continues its excellence in the construction of power plants

PESCO is one of the renowned companies which provides you with a variety of engineering services. Numerous PESCO projects are done with the top brands regarding engineering solutions.

Engineering services provide the added edge needed to increase your item's quality, functionality, and security. It is among the major trends of modern times, specifically in technology. Simply put it's creating, designing, and implementing new and creative methods to improve traditional technologies.

We are power plant contractors in Egypt and UAE. We are focused on power plant construction, and substation services, we protect the electrical machines that are rotating by providing an extensive and diverse range of repair or maintenance solutions, as well as service options via workshop or on-site support strategies.

Power plants are industrial facility that produces electricity using primary energy. The majority of power plants utilize at least one generator to transform the energy of mechanical processes into electricity to provide electric power to the grid to satisfy the electrical needs of society.

PESCO International provides the following services:

  • Turnkey projects
  • Installation services
  • Mechanical services
  • Civil services
  • Upgradation and extension services
  • Maintenance services & troubleshooting
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Subsea cable termination, testing & commissioning
  • Engineering & power system studies
  • Industrial services
  • Training services

All You Need To Know About Power Plant Maintenance Companies

Power Plant Maintenance Companies provide the job performed to maintain power plants. This includes inspections, maintenance, repairs, and inspections for all the assets that are used in the power plant. This work of maintenance is essential to ensure the safety and protect the durability of the equipment used in energy plants.

The process of power plant maintenance is continuous and is crucial to the operation of all power stations, in order to protect the employees at the plant as well as to keep the infrastructure and assets in good order.

In the absence of the proper maintenance techniques, important machinery and equipment may fail which can lead to potentially hazardous situations on the Jobsite and to the premature breakdown of costly equipment that generates electricity.

Power Plant Maintenance Companies aim to ensure a smooth flow within the power plant. It includes procedures like regular inspections, adjustments to equipment, repair or replacement, as well as general system coordination and control.

Articles & Blogs
Articles & Blogs
Articles & Blogs
Articles & Blogs
Articles & Blogs