Civil Services

  • RCC Works

    PESCO International has a full-fledged civil engineering team that prepares design calculations according to the plan received, thus calculating the number of steel bars required to reinforce the concrete. Our precise approach helped to reduce errors in RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) works. PESCO is one of the top-performing RCC works companies in UAE and Egypt.

  • Foundation Works

    PESCO International is bound to deliver a robust foundation that could support heavy structures. We will not compromise on the foundation, as it forms the backbone of all structures. Our dedication enabled us to become one of the top piling and foundation companies in the UAE and Egypt.

  • Prefab Construction

    PESCO's state-of-the-art workshops are equipped with heavy machinery for manufacturing heavy steel structures, pipeline fabrication works. All the prefab structures for our power plant projects are fabricated by the PESCO Sadat factory itself. Sadat factory in Egypt enabled us to become one of the best prefab manufacturers delivering high-quality structures.

  • Piling Works

    Piling is necessary to provide structural strength to weak soil underneath to carry heavy loads. Our civil engineers determine various factors comprising the soil nature, the load of the structure, feasibility, etc., and provide the best possible piling methods. Our meticulous civil engineering team enabled us to strive as a potential piling company in UAE.

  • Surveying

    We provide specialist land surveys to a wide range of construction projects in the UAE, Egypt, and all over the Middle East. Our civil team enabled us to become a pioneer among surveying companies in UAE, Egypt.

Civil Services
Civil Services