Testing, Commissioning and Start up

  • Power Plants, Substations Equipment

    PESCO International is a power plant contractor in UAE and Egypt. We have a dedicated team of engineering managers, lead engineers, and technicians who have extensive field experience in the start-up and commissioning of power plants. PESCO International is catapulting itself to be among the top power plant commissioning companies in UAE and Egypt.

  • Package & Mobile Substation

    Being a qualified substation testing and commissioning company in UAE and Egypt, We provide our commissioning services to different LV (Low Voltage) and MV (Medium Voltage) distribution systems consisting of mobile and package substations.

  • Switchgear

    Testing and commissioning of switchgear require skills and expertise. PESCO International has a dedicated team of electrical and commissioning engineers. Our perceptive approach in testing and commissioning of switchgear enabled us to reach among the top switchgear commissioning companies in the UAE.

  • Power Transformers

    Power transformers are the prime component in power transmission networks. Being a power transformer commissioning company in UAE and Egypt, We ensure proper testing and commissioning of power transformers to enhance the grid's longevity and reliability. Our team has years of experience in power transformers testing and commissioning.

  • MCC

    Motor Control Center's (MCC) are essential in large projects for controlling multiple motors. PESCO galvanized itself to be the best among MCC testing and commissioning companies in UAE and Egypt.

  • Power Cables

    Power cables are needed to get tested before commissioning to ensure proper working. Being a power cable commissioning company, PESCO International state-of-the-art equipment to test and commission power cables.

  • Fiber optic cables

    PESCO International employs qualified technicians who are skilled in fiber optic cables. Being a fiber optic cable testing company in the UAE and Egypt, We use state-of-the-art equipment like OTDR, fiber optic power meters, etc. for testing and commissioning the fiber optic cable.

  • Relay Settings and Testing

    PESCO International is one of the few protection relays testing companies in the UAE. We provide testing and commissioning services to electromechanical-based protection relays. 

  • Relays Calibration and Repair

    PESCO International has well-qualified technicians who have years of experience calibrating and repairing relays. Our precise calibration procedures enabled us to become one of the leading relay calibration companies in the UAE and Egypt.

Testing, Commissioning and Start up
Testing, Commissioning and Start up