Engineering and Power System Studies

  • FEED, Base Design & Detailed Engineering

    PESCO International can study the SOW and project requirements, delivering preliminary base design calculations and equipment specifications.

  • Secondary Engineering for Substations

    PESCO International provides detailed design (secondary engineering) for substations after finalizing the base design. Secondary engineering delivers complete specifications of all the components needed for the substation.

  • AutoCAD, ELCAD, ETAP and Adobe PDF creator

    PESCO uses legible and professional licenses such as ELCAD and ETAP for electrical design and analysis. Autocad and Adobe PDF pro are used for drawings and modification of existing drawings.

  • Equipment Sizing and Selection

    PESCO International gives the correct sizing for each piece of equipment considering the aging factor and future expansion.

  • Drafting for all 2D drawings

    PESCO International uses AutoCAD 2D software for drafting new SLD, GA, P&ID. We also have the provision to modify existing drawings.

  • Modification, Red Marked & As-Built Drawings

    All modifications done at the site during the construction phase are implemented back in all drawings. PESCO engineering team creates As-built drawings counting all the changes.

  • Load Flow & Power Factor Correction Study

    PESCO engineers study the actual electrical load flow and give recommendations to improve the power factor, voltage drop, and optimum switching.

  • Short Circuit Study

    Being a short circuit study company in UAE, PESCO International checks the capability of the system against the highest short circuit that could occur, with given recommendations of switching methods. This study is needed for damping the high short circuit currents.

  • Relays Coordination and Settings Study

    PESCO International is capable of conducting relay coordination and settings studies. Our engineers study the best scenario of switching commands for the breakers to protect the equipment and segregate the fault zone only, without tripping other zones.

  • Motor Starting Study

    Being a motor starting study company in UAE, we study the impact on voltage level and the system while starting big motors.

  • Transient Stability Study

    PESCO International can study the impact of sudden changes in the system in instances like starting a big machine, short circuits, and turbine failure. We have experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to conduct the study. Our accurate study outputs enabled us to become one of the best transient stability analysis companies in the UAE.

  • Harmonics Measurements

    PESCO International studies the harmonics level which occurs while using the electronic converters. The output of this study is used to analyze whether the system needs harmonic filters or not.

  • Failure Investigation Analysis

    Our team of expert engineers and technicians will investigate the root cause of each failure and provide recommendations to avoid the same failure in the future.

Engineering and Power System Studies
Engineering and Power System Studies